The Sommet Institute
The Sommet Institute was established in 1989 to study how to change how America frames her core issues and to create a more hopeful national perspective. The Sommet (French for 'Peak') Institute teaches linguistic and emotional techniques and provides practical solutions to create hope and determination towards a positive resolution of difficult situations. The Institute offers clientele short-term, solution-focused treatment programs in the areas of personal and professional development and family wellness.
In addition to her organizational and consultation, the Sommet Institute also provides assistance with the:
  • Resolution of Management and Leadership Challenges
  • Turnaround of Political or Corporate Campaigns
  • Transformation of Corporate Cultures
  • Management of the Effects of Critical Incidents such as Trauma
Dr. Renana Brooks
Presidential consultant, author, psychologist, media commentator, and therapist to Washington insiders, Dr. Renana Brooks has unparalleled access to the private lives and public faces of America's political and business leaders. She advises when they are challenged by scandal or political mistake. Dr. Brooks also has conducted extensive research on the sequelae of cultural wars, eroding values, epidemic infidelity, escalating depression and anxiety, increasing delay of adult responsibility, bullying and discourses of contempt, and increasing language of demonization of differences. Brooks advises politicians, organizations, and families. She has been featured in many newspapers and NBC, CBS, ABC, Fox News, CNN, CSPAN, and talk radio both domestically and internationally.
She was previously affiliated with the clinical faculty of Harvard Medical School. Her pioneering work on "blame busting" has been featured at this annual meeting of the American Psychological Association and the American Association of Marriage and Family Therapists and many other political forums.